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A Natural Treat: Blue Earth natural skin care. standard

I was given the most beautiful gift, a natural treat of pure hand made soaps today, which inspired me to check out the website ” Blue Earth” Wow!!! The Blue Earth natural skin care products are just beautiful, smell divine and really reasonably priced too! If you are looking for a present or a quality range of natural skin care products; look no further – they certainly have my seal of approval, I plan on indulging more. I hope you do too. After all, sometimes our health and wellness is dependent on minimising toxic exposure to chemicals but also caring and nurturing ourselves in what can be a very uncaring and nurturing day! I dare you to indulge!!

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Vit C – Our Secret weapon to Stress? standard

Studies have shown that per 70kg body weight, unstressed rats produce 1.8-4.9g vitamin C per day, compared with stressed rats which produced 15.2g. In a study of healthy men and women, oral supplementation of 2000mg vitamin C for 3 weeks, reduced histamine levels by 40%.10 High dose vitamin C may be effective in reducing total histamine levels. We also know from studies that stress causes an increase in the need for certain other nutrients, Magnesium and B vitamins. You can’t always turn down the stress but you can turn down the symptoms of stress such as anxiety, fatigue, aches and pains, and grumpiness by making sure you have enough of the nutrients your body needs to deal with the stress.

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In the word of one physician, it’s Wheat. Long ago genetically modified wheat….And it is in everything. Dr. William Davis, author of “Wheat Belly”, says wheat is the “perfect, chronic poison.” He was on CBS morning news recently talking about this. Even though he ever so keenly side-stepped discussion of the more recent GMO endeavors making the news itself, he does enlighten on some of the issues with wheat. I know that if there are two foods that improve the generally improve my patients health – It is wheat and of course processed sugar. Wheat belly?

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Super-food Heroes “The Nutrient Bang for your Buck” standard

Super foods, give bang for your buck!, they are superbly rich in nutrient count, super low in fat count and super healthy if included in your diet. We’ve compiled a list of the ultimate super foods ( just in name of transparency I got this article from the net but thought it was a great read for you!) that are readily available and can make you go that extra mile and live happily & healthily. Super food # 1: Oatmeal Oatmeal is a fighter super food– oatmeal seeds grow in very difficult soil conditions and have a distinct, roasted taste once harvested and cleaned and cooked for morning meals. It contains a generous amount of Manganese and 15-18% Selenium, Phosphorus, ...

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Osteoporosis “The bones of Contention” standard

I read this article in I think it was The rainbow network years ago and it was so well written I have kept it as a handout for those who were interested too. Here it is for you… A NEW DISEASE, A NEW MARKETING OPPORTUNITY Osteoporosis is big news-and big business-these days. As a disease, it emerged out of obscurity only two decades ago to become a concern for women throughout the industrialised world. Advertising campaigns in the media and fact sheets in doctors’ waiting rooms and pharmacies continually warn women of the dangers of disappearing bone mass. The marketing hype announces that one woman in two over the age of 60 is likely to crumble from an osteoporotic fracture ...

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Is Vitamin D stopping you from staying well? standard

Rickets which is a weakening of bone structure is an example of severe D deficiency, however we test and find Vitamin D deficiency in my patients who have problems with their immune system, infections and colds, fatigue, headaches, a history of cancer, low mood, poor sleep and the list goes on. Vit D when not at optimal levels is extremely effective as a treatment for acute colds and influenza as well as building up the immune system. A Harvard medical study found that one in 5 American children have vitamin D levels less than the optimal level for good health.  Studies closer to home demonstrate that 80% of New Zealanders maybe at risk of deficiency. Good evidence exists that many ...

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Are Toxins Making You Fat? standard

The first I came across this concept was in clinic when patients who I put onto the HEEL Detox Kit were reporting back to me that they were loosing weight without changing their diet or increasing their exercise. Hmm, interesting?! On doing a little research into the how this happens we find that toxins indeed are a cause of increased weight gain, and here’s why: Toxins block the Kreb’s cycle. Kreb’s cycles are a part of your cell’s battery packs and they make energy to fuel your body. When the Kreb’s cycle is blocked, you can’t produce energy very well so your extremely clever body then decides that if you are low on energy you better make some more. So, ...

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Why Adrenal Treatment During Menopause standard

The Adrenal glands play the most important role in helping the body transition into menopause, and maintain quality of life after menopause. During and after the menopause transition, the adrenal glands are recruited to increase their contributions of hormones to make up for decreased contribution by the ovaries. Addressing the underlying cause will relieve the additional stress on the adrenal glands, and allow it to assist the body during and after the menopause. Adrenal hormones are important to healthy menstruation, and stress is known to affect the menstrual cycle. The adrenal glands are the only source of testosterone in women, and after the menopause are the only source of the female hormones, estrogen and progesterone. These and other hormones play ...

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