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NZ Study Question Fish Oil Quality and EPA/DHA Content standard

You may have seen in the news this week an article about fish oils and concerns regarding quality.  We received the following from one of our suppliers (FxMed) …. Our clinic supplies quality, usually practitioner only, supplements.  The following may help bring a more balanced view of  issues surrounding fish oils.  Rancidity is an issue we are always concerned about and we would encourage you to purchase your fish oils from us or another reputable practitioner. “FxMed is concerned for patients and practitioners with respect to the results from research conducted by the University of Auckland’s Liggins Institute evaluating the quality and content of fish oils sold in New Zealand.

The study looked specifically at the amount of omega-3 EPA and ...

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Ditch the Protein Shake! standard

Just had to share this story from Australia on the value of the Protein Shake. It could have rolled off my lips, but why reinvent the wheel?! Protein shakes were once the domain of elite athletes to prepare and restore their muscles before and after training sessions, but they are now used by ordinary people looking to eat lean, bulk up at the gym or even as meal replacements. However, nutritionist Cyndi O’Meara says you should ditch that protein shake and fuel your body with natural foods. “Always check the back of your protein shake packet or powder,” she said. “Most of us just look at the nutritional labels for fat and sugar break-down, but that doesn’t matter nearly as ...

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In The Press standard

It is always good to know we are using the best treatments and Femmenessence, our over the counter range for woman’s Hormonal issues has just won another award in the category of Best Women’s Health Supplements with ground breaking, placebo controlled, published clinical trials that had an 84% success rate. Excellent!!!!! Suffering from PMS, Menopausal symptoms, fertility issues, or just  want to support bone and mental health? Well this is a superior Maca product that balances hormone production through the hypothalamus. That is without introducing added hormones. Femmenessence has levels of active ingredients 10-20 x higher than those found  in many products. MacaPause for postmenopausal women, MacaLife for perimenopausal women, and Maca Harmony for younger women’s hormone imbalances. There is ...

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