The first I came across this concept was in clinic when patients who I put onto the HEEL Detox Kit were reporting back to me that they were loosing weight without changing their diet or increasing their exercise. Hmm, interesting?!

On doing a little research into the how this happens we find that toxins indeed are a cause of increased weight gain, and here’s why:

  • Toxins block the Kreb’s cycle. Kreb’s cycles are a part of your cell’s battery packs and they make energy to fuel your body. When the Kreb’s cycle is blocked, you can’t produce energy very well so your extremely clever body then decides that if you are low on energy you better make some more. So, it makes more fatty acids to fuel you. AKA fat or weight gain!!!!

The answer then is simple:  Detox for weight loss!

Just make sure you have good advice on how. Detoxing may sound simple and it is; once you know what your individual needs are. That is best assessed by a qualified and experienced practitioner. You do not want to be doing more harm than good.