One of the most common symptoms patients come to us with is BLOATING.

When the flower garden that is your gut becomes imbalanced you end up with lots of bacteria and these bacteria feed off carbs and fibre. It is what you are eating every day – It is those bacteria not you that is producing the gas. Unfortunately it is you who is feeling the pain. The bloat can really get you down.

If a massive salad with lots of greens upsets your tummy or you feel 9 months pregnant after a meal then you will know what I am talking about.

So, I hope I have pricked up your interest – we can definitely help with a proven gut repair program. You may even want to test for SIBO (and treat if positive).  For many this alone provides relief from the bloating.

But what if it doesn’t? Consider the following which may be issues causing your bloat:

·      Poor motility and constipation

·      Low stomach acid

·      Diaphragm issues: Where it contracts and the abdominal muscles relax (instead of vice versa as they should during digestion)

·      Swallowing air (without even knowing it!) and eating too fast

What can you do to address these possibilities?

·      You may need a mild laxative like kiwifruit, MgLax, or hydrolyzed guar gum to relieve constipation

·      We can recommend a strain specific probiotic

·      Bitters are worth taking as they stimulate stomach acid production and digestion

·      Strengthen your tummy muscles .

·      Take a deep breath before eating and eat more slowly – Eating on the go is a recipe for disaster.

·      Drink more water and take breaks to pee at least every 2 hours

·      It also helps to avoid foods that are known triggers of bloating and to drink a carminative tea.

Here are some herbs you can just buy at the supermarket Try making your own tea to help beat the bloat:

Carminative Tea helps motility. This in turn will move the gas along and alleviate the discomfort and swollen belly.

·       Fennel seeds

·       Caraway seeds

·       Anise seeds

Watch this short 3 min video to see how to make this awesome carminative tea to settle your bloating.

Feel free to call the clinic if you need help with anything you are reading here or would like to know more about getting to the underlying cause of your tummy woes.