Weight Management

Struggling to lose weight?

This is one of the most complete weight management programs you will encounter anywhere today and it will transform many of your bodily expectations. It has been adapted from Dr Simeon’s – endocrinologist HCG Weight protocol and it adheres to the naturopathic philosophy of restoration and renewal.

Our support manual is the most extensive on the market and contains many interesting insights into the restorative aspects of the program, however your practitioner is a core asset and will answer questions, and assess the specific support you need.

The 3 or 6 week program is an allover reset – Hear what our patients have to say!

“I lost 14 kilos in 6 weeks and now I have to figure out what I am going to wear!”

“I lost 7 kgs in 3 weeks” I am so excited.

“My lymphodema has gone and this is the first time anything has worked – I can’t believe it”

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Struggling with food Cravings?

It is just too easy to blame cravings on emotional eating! Food cravings are caused by a myriad of biochemical imbalances and it is completely possible to manage weight and cravings long term when you identify and treat the cause.

*      Identify the Cause: Get accurate information by answering the questions


*      Treat the Problem: Book a skype or phone consult with our specialist

        Naturopath and she will tailor the support you personally need to

         work alongside your Liberate program.

1.      Certain foods temporarily boost imbalanced neurotransmitters?

          Check below to see if you have neurotransmitter deficiencies.

4              Sensitivity to emotional (or physical) pain; cry easily

4              Eat as a reward or for pleasure, comfort, or numbness

4              Worry, anxiety, phobia, or panic

4              Difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep

3              Difficulty with focus, attention deficits

2              Low energy, drive, and arousal

4              Obsessive thinking or behavior

4              Inability to relax after tension, stress

3              Depression, negativity

4              Low self-esteem, lack of confidence

4              More mood and eating problems in winter or at the end of the day

3              Irritability, anger

4              Use alcohol or drugs to improve mood


Total Score _____________ Ideal score is under 10


2.     Are you craving because of a deficient diet or yo-yo dieting in the past?

4              Increased cravings for and focus on food; overeating

4              Regain weight after dieting, more than was lost

3              Increased moodiness, irritability, anxiety, or depression

3              Less energy and endurance

3              Usually eat less than 2100 calories a day

3              Skip meals, especially breakfast

3              Eat mostly low-fat carbohydrates (bagels, pasta, frozen yoghurt, and others)

2              Constantly think about weight

2              Use aspartame (Nutrasweet) daily

2              Take Prozac or similar serotonin-boosting drugs

2              Have become vegetarian

3              Have decreased self-esteem

4              Have become bulimic, anorectic, or an over exerciser


Total Score_____________ Ideal score is under 12


3.     Are your cravings due to blood sugar instability?

4              Crave a lift from sweets or alcohol, but later experience a drop in energy and mood

                 after ingesting them

4              Dizzy, weak, or headachy, especially if meals are delayed

4              Family history of diabetes, hypoglycemia, or alcoholism

4              Nervous, jittery, irritable on and off throughout the day; calmer after meals

4              Crying spells, mood swings

4              Mental confusion, decreased memory

4              Heart Palpitations, rapid pulse

4              Frequent thirst, night sweats (not menopausal)


Total Score_____________ Ideal score is under 12


4.     Are you using food to cope with stress and adrenal exhaustion?

4              Frequently overstressed for more than 3 weeks at a time

3              Crave salty foods

4              Frequently feel fatigues, overwhelmed

4              Dark circles under eyes

4              Sensitive to sounds, odours; startle easily

3              Edgy, irritable under stress

3              Have excessive weight gain in your trunk area only


Total Score_____________ Ideal score is under 15


5.     Do you have unrecognized low thyroid function?

4              Low energy

4              Easily chilled (especially hands and feet)

4              Other family members have thyroid problems

4              Can gain weight without overeating: hard to lose excess weight

3              Have to force yourself to do even moderate exercise

4              Find it hard to get going in the morning

3              High cholesterol

3              Low blood pressure

4              Weight gain began near the start of menses, a pregnancy, or menopause

3              Chronic headaches

3              Use food, caffeine, tobacco, and/or other stimulants to get going


Total Score_____________ Ideal score is under 15

6.     Are you addicted to foods that you are actually allergic to?

3              Crave milk, ice cream, yoghurt, cheese, or doughy foods (pasta, bread, cookies,

                 among others) and eat them frequently             

3              Experience bloating after meals

4              Gas, frequent belching

3              Digestive discomfort of any kind

3              Chronic constipation and/or diarrhea

4              Respiratory problems, such as asthma, postnasal drip, congestion

3              Low energy or drowsiness, especially after meals

4              Allergic to milk products or other common foods

3              Under eat or prefer beverages to solid food

3              Avoid food/throw up food because bloating after eating makes you feel fat or tired

4              Can’t gain weight

3              Hyperactivity or manic-depression

3              Severe headaches, migraines

4              Food allergies in family


Total Score_____________ Ideal score is under 12


7.     Are your female sex hormones unbalanced?

4              Premenstrual mood swings

4              Premenstrual or menopausal food cravings

4              Irregular periods

3              Experiences a miscarriage, an abortion, or infertility

4              Used birth control births or other hormone medication

3              Uncomfortable periods – cramps, lengthy or heavy bleeding, or sore breasts

4              Peri/postmenopausal  e.g. hot flashes/sweats, insomnia, mental dullness

3              Excessive hair growth or loss, acne


Total Score_____________ Ideal score is under 6


8.     Do you have yeast overgrowth triggered by antibiotics, cortisone, or

          birth control bills? Are parasites a problem?

4              Often bloated, abdominal distention

3              Foggy-headed

2              Depressed

4              Yeast or Sinus infections

4              Used antibiotics extensively (at any time in life)

4              Used cortisone or birth control pills for more than one year

4              Have chronic fungus on nails or feet

3              Recurring sinus or ear infections as an adult or child

3              Achy muscles and joints

3              Chronically fatigued

4              Rashes

3              Stool unusual in colour, shape, or consistency


Total Score_____________ Ideal score is under 13


9.     Are you fatty acid deficient?

 4              Crave chips, cheese, other rich foods more than, or as well as, sweets and starches

4              Have ancestry that includes Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Scandinavian

3              Alcoholism or depression in the family history

4              Feel heavy, uncomfortable, and “clogged up” after eating fatty foods

4              History of hepatitis or other liver or gallbladder  problems

4              Light-coloured stool

4              Hard or foul-smelling stool

1              Pain on right side under your rib cage

2              Have lost your gall bladder or had gallstones


Total Score_____________ Ideal score is under 12




Let’s find the cause of your food cravings…

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