A recent study shows great promise for those seeking Rosacea treatment.The study highlighted that 46% of patients with Acne Rosacea are suffering from an overgrowth of bacteria in their small intestine, otherwise known as SIBO. These are the people whom this Rosacea treatment shows great promise.  The main symptom of SIBO constipation, diarrhoea and bloating (IBS)

Patients were screened for SIBO using a Hydrogen breath test. We can arrange for this test if you would like to see whether this Rosacea treatment may be right for you.

Rosacea treatment resulted in total clearance for 72% of patients and 20% had significant improvement after 4 weeks.  In the group treated with placebo, there was 0% improvement in all participants. Later treatment of the placebo group resulted in healing or improvement in all bar one patient.

It is important that attention to digestion and diet are given along side Rosacea treatment. The reason for this is two fold. Firstly you want to ensure the infection does not return and this is only possible when digestion is normalised alongside the infection treatment. Secondly, an infection can only take hold when the environment is suitable – that means the digestive environment was out of balance prior to the development of the infection.

We can create a dietary plan that is nutritious yet temporarily eliminates the foods that may inhibit the health of your gut function. We put this alongside a treatment regime that can reproduce the  study results yet does not involve the use of antibiotics which may have a weakening effect on the gut that and result in needing a more lengthy treatment. The treatment is designed to not only kill the resident infection but improve the compromised environment. This means the success rate is increased further.

And might I say It is really good to see more and more evidence surfacing in the literature to support the mainstay of naturopathic philosophy!